One of the best things about walking is …..

….. not having to look for a parking space :)



So, best foot forward and take to the roads. You never know what you might find



and whatever the weather – it’s good to be out in the fresh air. Come and join us for friendship and motivation. It’s FREE! 

Take Care

Walking is such an enjoyable exercise, however it is always good to expect the unexpected. The recent storm here in the UK brought down a number of trees both large and small.



It was easy to navigate around this obstacle, but it was also an indication that we must always be prepared for unexpected eventualities. Come and join us for more hints and tips and if you are in Hampshire, UK, why not join me for a walk around our Nature Reserve at some point. It’s only just about 2 miles and there’s always something to see.

Don’t forget the Warm Up!

No matter where or when you walk there is something that you must always remember!

Somerset 173

Warm Up is important!

Begin your walking workout by walking for a minimum of five minutes to warm up the body, particularly the leg muscles. Walk at pace where you are able to easily talk and hold a conversation without running out of breath. A good warm-up pace is between 2 and 3 mph, depending on your fitness level. If you are currently walking more slowly than this – don’t despair – this is where you should be aiming

For more hints and tips, and also encouragement and motiviation  – come and join us free of charge.

You don’t have to be perfect.

Far too many people give up on exercise before they have even started. Why? It’s all the fault of ‘body beautiful’.

Anyone can walk – anyone can walk almost anywhere. Free exercise and a chance to view something special. Take a look at this grey sky – suddenly the dark and dismal day changed as it was lit up by the glow of the setting sun.


Make the decision today. Get off that chair and start walking. Just a few steps will start the journey. Join us here for extra motivation and encouragement. There’s no charge for walking, or for join us, and in just 12 weeks you could be on the road to a lifetime of pleasure. Just make sure that you check with your doctor before you start if you have any health problems that might conflict.

In the Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The previous post mentions how walking can help prevent breast cancer, but also helps recovery. Watch out for all things Pink this month and support where you can.



Whether walking in town or country I bet you can find something. Walk with purpose – watch out for PINK. Need encouragement? Join us here.

Need an excuse?

Sometimes we need an extra spur to get us moving. Here are two facts that might surprise you:
1 The likelihood of getting breast cancer is 20 percent lower in women who walk. As for colon cancer – the risk is 31 percent lower.
2. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, but who walk regularly, can reduce their recurrence rate and their mortality rate by over 50 percent.
I don’t know about you – but I intend to keep walking, and to encourage everyone I know to do the same. If you aren’t sure that you can do it just join us here. I bet you need help with more than just walking – and the site is full of really good information. Best of all – it’s FREE!

A Walk or a Stroll?

Walking is good for your health. Here are just two of the benefits:

1. Walking just 30 minutes a day cuts the rate of people becoming diabetic by more than half. It also cuts the risk of people over 60 becoming diabetic by nearly 70%2. Walking cuts the risk of having a stroke by more than 25 percent.

So, get out into the countryside and enjoy the view
But when is a walk a ‘walk’ and when is it a ‘stroll’? Walking 100 steps per minute turns your walk into a moderate intensity workout. Use a pedometer to count your daily steps. If you are managing a minimum of 10000 a day you are well on your way to health. Build up your walking ability by joining us here.

Do it anywhere

The wonderful thing about walking is that you can do it anywhere. In fact, you can even do it while the kids or grands are doing their soccer or other sport practice.



Walk the perimeter. You’ll be surprised how many steps your pedometer will count. GET MOVING

Autumn or Fall?

Whatever you call the season it’s starting to happen here. Today I saw the first tree changing colour



It I’d been sitting at home in front of the TV I’d have missed it. It’s so exhilarating to be out in the open air enjoying the countryside. Take the first step, come and join us and put your best foot forward.