Team Links

Also see below for ‘Walk With Purpose’

Best Foot Forward Week 1
Best Foot Forward Week 2
Best Foot Forward Week 3
Best Foot Forward Week 4
Best Foot Forward Weeks 5 – 8
Best Foot Forward Weeks 9 – 12

Beginners’ Week 1
Beginners’ Week 2
Beginners’ Week 3
Beginners’ Week 4
Beginners’ Weeks 5 – 8
Beginners’ Weeks 9 – 12

Intermediate Week 1
Intermediate Week 2
Intermediate Week 3
Intermediate Week 4
Intermediate Weeks 5 – 8
Intermediate Weeks 9 – 12

Walk With Purpose Week 1
Walk With Purpose Week 2
Walk With Purpose Week 3
Walk With Purpose Week 4
Walk With Purpose Weeks 5 – 8
Walk With Purpose Weeks 9 – 12


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    • If you are a team member you will see that I have answered this request in the current Weekly Roundup. You can subscribe to new posts by clicking the ‘follow by email’ button on the home page. I hope this helps.

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