Weekend Roundup 20th October

Be honest. No-one likes change. Correct? Well, if that’s true, why are you here? I think we are all here because we WANT change – we want things to be better, and maybe easier for us as individuals. It should come as no surprise, then, to know that Spark itself is ready for change. IMLOCOLINDA has already given us the heads up – but I wanted to reinforce the change aspect and encourage you all to embrace it. You can read about it here on the Spark Blog

There may be teething problems. I’m having trouble today, to be honest, pages are being difficult to load, and I did wonder if I would be able to send this to you. I hope you will encourage my persistence by reading to the end.

I hope that more of you will post in the team forum this week, there are some that have still not introduced themselves, and we would love to get to know you. We are doing our best to encourage and motivate you, let us know how we are doing.

This won’t be a long roundup due to the problems, but I also want to encourage your walking. I’m hearing such lovely stories of longer walks and more energy, it’s so encouraging. The one thing I wan to emphasise today is the Warm Up stage.

Warm Up is important! Begin your walking workout by walking for a minimum of five minutes to warm up the body, particularly the leg muscles. Walk at pace where you are able to easily talk and hold a conversation without running out of breath. A good warm-up pace is between 2 and 3 mph, depending on your fitness level. If you are currently walking more slowly than this – don’t despair – this is where you should be aiming. If you are really efficient at walking you will probably need another team anyway, although I’m hoping that we will grow to encompass all levels – as we ourselves get more able.

Over the next week you will notice a few more threads opening in the forum. Now that the team has really got going we will begin to bring the levels into an easier focus, and also introduce just one thread for the Walk With Purpose theme. This was something that I always envisaged, but IMLOCOLINDA has confirmed that now is the time to do it. There will be links to the new threads on the appropriate page of the blog

On the subject of the blog, someone has asked if I can email them the links. I’m sorry, this isn’t possible. I’m not sure if it is someone on this team or just a passerby, but it is easy to copy and paste them – and you could always copy and paste them into an email and send them to yourself. I hope this helps.

Have a great week everyone. My last week was not as I expected, life is always exciting when it throws you hiccups. If you are interested in making a cheap journal for your walking records you might like to take a look at my blog today,

I promise I won’t make a habit of self-promotion.

Onwards and Upwards, Sparkeroonies, I’m proud of you all. This mail will also be on the blog – linked from the page I mentioned above. I’ll also put the past mails online so that those who have recently joined the team can catch up and find any links that might be useful.


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