27th October

October is almost at an end. This month has seen several changes on Spark People not least the new front page. It is so much easier to access the various trackers etc. I hope you are finding your way around more easily. There will be more information filtering through about various aspects of this, so watch out over the next while. You may already have discovered the Spin for team points. We appreciate any you might win for the team. Don’t forget that you also win extra points for yourself.

The Holiday season is fast approaching. Traditionally these are times of great feasting, not fasting. In order to prepare you will find that Spark has thrown down the gauntlet with a Fit2Eat Challenge. Several of our members are taking part. Just 10 minutes of exercise a day during the month will burn enough calories to allow you enjoy a guilt-free meal as long as you don’t seriously over -indulge. If you would like to join in you will find a dedicated thread in the Fun Forum
Some members have decided, although any exercise is valid, that Dance is the answer, so you will also find another thread there too. Let us know which, if any, music you are enjoying as you workout.
Finally – the Work With Purpose threads will continue with a little change. So that we can get to know each other a little better we will combine ALL threads into one. I will open it shortly and there will be a link from all the old threads so that you don’t get lost. Give me time to do it – starting a new thread takes more than a minute or two.
Don’t forget to come and visit us in the chatting thread. Onwards and Upwards, a new month is almost upon us, I can’t believe how quickly the year is passing – and our next roundup will announce a really fun game especially for Christmas.

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