Weekly Roundup 2nd November

Just a quick roundup this week as you have already had a mail at the start of Fit to Feast. If you missed them on the thread here are two ‘dancing’ videos to get you into the mood (or not) for tripping the light fantastic
Please remember that these are for fun – there are plenty more truly inspirational videos on YouTube if you want to find one. I’ll be adding another later today – who knows which one it will be…….?
This link dropped into my mailbox this morning and it seems appropriate to point it out to you all. If you are having trouble getting into the rhythm of Fit to Feast, or just need another few ideas in general it might be just what you need.


We want you to keep walking, though, please remember that, this 10 minutes a day is an EXTRA – not INSTEAD! My walking has had to be less this week, lots of preparation to do for this weekend. I’ll be back with a trip around the lake on Monday, though, I have wanted to go to see what damage was done to the trees during last week’s storm.
I’m not sure how many of you will actually read this, but thanks to those of you that always respond either with a reply or a message in the team. These roundups are meant to encourage, and I hope they do. There’s a new word game for fun here
and to get a little more serious – it’s always good to be thankful for what we have – even if we don’t think it’s very much. IMLOCOLINDA has started a new thread so that we can check in with a thought about something for which we are thankful. It can be anything. The thread is here
Drop in with an encouraging word. Reading about other people’s thankfulness often makes us view our own situations in a totally new light.
Onwards and Upwards, Sparkeroonies. Let’s have a truly great week.

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